Rhonda's Laundry Symbol Guide - Explain Laundry Symbols
A large, easy to read, high-quality print.  A colorful and informative piece of art that really dresses up your laundry area!
The same great guide printed on low tack (non-adhesive) stock.  Peel off the backing and this guide adheres easily to almost any smooth surface (metal, wood, glass or plastic) such as a wall, wood cabinet, metal appliance or window.  It can be repositioned multiple times without leaving damage.

The same great guide for those on the go.  This durable and mobile guide comes in a waterproof, laminated format, printed on both sides.  Keep it in your laundry basket for quick reference whenever needed.

(18 x 24 in.)
Cling Decal
(12 x 12 in.)
Portable Guide
(4 x 10.75 in.)
International Laundry Symbols translated for U.S. laundry rooms everywhere.
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